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So many good sources of inspiration, information and demonstrations are out there. Here’s just some that I look into when I can!

Energy and resources blogroll

Bwired home and blog

Bwarned!  You can disappear down the proverbial rabbit hole of monitoring and (home) automation at this mind-blowing home in the Netherlands.

Some Air

Blog on renewable energy and related issues – especially wind turbines – by Ketan Joshi


Alternative Technology Association (Australia)

Provides expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions for the home to households, government, industry and corporate clients. Publishes ReNew and Sanctuary magazines which support practical and design approaches to sustainability. Subscription to these is a steal, the content inspiring.


Greening of Gavin

Practical environmental blog and associated online shop.  Gavin Webber, a guy who had an environmental epiphany, made over his life and went boots-and-all into supporting others along the way. Melbourne based and providing courses and supplies in cheese-making amongst other things.

The Sourdough Companion

A great resource for getting into and refining sourdough baking recipes. Favourite recipes  include spiced fruit bread and rye bread. Main benefits here are the community who try, experiment with and comment on recipes.


Gardening Australia

ABC TV program and website.  Great resources for the aspiring gardener – the The Vegie Guide is a great tool for working out the time to sow seed, or seedlings, according to your location (Flash reliant so no-go on iDevices!)

General Resources

Choice Magazine – Australian Consumers Association (partial $). Resources that assist in buying goods and services that strike a balance between cost, reliability, resource use and practicality.  Regular ratings and reviews of whitegoods, electronics and services like energy supply.

The Conversation – Broad university and research-based authorship on a range of topics including environmental and energy issues

Rocky Mountain Institute – United States based think-tank development through the efforts of Amory Lovins.  Particularly strong on building high level resources for business and organisational change for the better.

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