Inspired by aspects of the “Tragedy of the Commons” (Garrett Harden 1968), I aim to provide modern insights that impact the balance between environment and everyday living.  Recognising that many choices we make create impacts beyond our local view – I’m passionate about exploring and providing practical ways of improving outcomes.

For you, sustainability (and the value of my blog) might be more about saving money than saving resources in your everyday life — or both, or more!  Through this blog I want to achieve broader impact from my experience and analysis. More than I can achieve directly in my family life. So whether it’s the garden, transport, home or work, I’d like to inspire and inform others.

What to expect?

Posting about retrofitting homes for comfort and efficiency, gardening and growing food, as well as preparing and preserving the results! Oh, and I can’t help lusting after new (and renewable) energy tech that probably won’t match my needs – but maybe suits yours!

So it’s about sustainability?

Sustainability is a vexed word. Much of what I seek to achieve is lowering environmental impact through making informed choices about wants, needs and good solutions.  For many (including my family and me) it’s a transition through becoming “less unsustainable” rather than an immediate gold standard brave new world.

Me? I’m a card-carrying science nerd — PhD in biological science. Successful creator of an award winning sustainable business. A lecturer, teacher, innovator and now builder of information tools for agriculture — I seek to provide informed approaches and making low resource consumption easy and understandable.

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